Thursday, September 29, 2011

First tradition of the season is on its way!

2 years ago we started going to a special pumpkin patch. I often tell Robert that the only good thing i have taken from our semi-brief time of living in Auburn, is this pumpkin patch. It was during a very difficult year that we were fortunate to find and begin this special tradition. This October will be our third time going, which officially does make it a tradition! This is exciting for me, because im all about traditions...especially when i am the one who created it! Every October, its my mission to carve out a two day slot of time in the day planner for our journey to the pumpkin patch. Its a few hours away, but its proven to be worth the mini trip every time. We do this with the Clark side of the family, who actually live pretty close to the patch. And we always spend the night with them after.

So many things about our tradition get me very excited about going. However, i have to admit that the wardrobe takes top priority. What will the boys wear? What will i wear? What are the celebrities wearing this Fall as they take their kids to the pumpkin patch? (Yes, i seriously google that every year). Nicole Ritchi was my inspiration two years ago. Last year was Tori Spelling. This year is still undecided. But i guarantee, no matter what, i will be showing up to the patch in complete identity crisis mode. And i will wear it well. Most people dont realize that i think this way. Which is so funny to me. But i totally care about this stuff...i care so much.

Its going to be so fun to see how much Forest enjoys himself now that hes older. And it will be wonderful to see N at his first pumpkin patch!


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