Thursday, September 29, 2011

First tradition of the season is on its way!

2 years ago we started going to a special pumpkin patch. I often tell Robert that the only good thing i have taken from our semi-brief time of living in Auburn, is this pumpkin patch. It was during a very difficult year that we were fortunate to find and begin this special tradition. This October will be our third time going, which officially does make it a tradition! This is exciting for me, because im all about traditions...especially when i am the one who created it! Every October, its my mission to carve out a two day slot of time in the day planner for our journey to the pumpkin patch. Its a few hours away, but its proven to be worth the mini trip every time. We do this with the Clark side of the family, who actually live pretty close to the patch. And we always spend the night with them after.

So many things about our tradition get me very excited about going. However, i have to admit that the wardrobe takes top priority. What will the boys wear? What will i wear? What are the celebrities wearing this Fall as they take their kids to the pumpkin patch? (Yes, i seriously google that every year). Nicole Ritchi was my inspiration two years ago. Last year was Tori Spelling. This year is still undecided. But i guarantee, no matter what, i will be showing up to the patch in complete identity crisis mode. And i will wear it well. Most people dont realize that i think this way. Which is so funny to me. But i totally care about this stuff...i care so much.

Its going to be so fun to see how much Forest enjoys himself now that hes older. And it will be wonderful to see N at his first pumpkin patch!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Staying ahead

Today i was reminded that i need to be diligent when it comes to being prepped and ready for my day.

I was not ready for today.

Ive learned that its really important (more important than an extra hour of sleep) for me to be awake before the kids. I need this time to be completely alone and completely free to do whatever i choose. I need to know what our day is going to look like, so that im ready for it. I need to be pretty much dressed and able to leave the house before they wake up. So that i never have to figure out a chance for me to get myself ready...because lets face it, i might not ever get that chance! Bottom line, i need to stay ahead of the kids. Otherwise it takes me until half way through nap time to be caught up again.

In my ideal world, I have already planned what my day will be like the night before. I know my husbands work schedule. My coffee maker is already set to brew when i walk into the kitchen in the morning. I can sit in the brown chair at the window and read while i drink some coffee. I can quietly get myself dressed (EVEN MAKE UP!), and then they all start to wake up.

I feel incredible when i do this. Im one step ahead of the kids, which ive decided is a MUST in order to maintain a good mood all day and for my kids to feel satisfied.

Whenever i stick to this, it allows me time in the day to do extra things. Such as yoga during nap time or after they go to bed at night. Or a spur of the moment baking session with Forest. And it leaves no room for aimlessly roaming children who are waiting on their mom...which is something i cannot handle at all.

Wow, having two kids is a tremendous difference from having just one.

So, lesson learned. Ill try again tomorrow.

Side note:
I wrote this a few days ago but am just now posting it. I would like to say, today i woke up early, and therefore got to put on all my new make up, sweep the kitchen floor, pre-pack Forests beloved "snack pack" for the library, pre-pack my giant purse for N, and enjoy coffee alone!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Meeting his coach

Warming up

Go Forest!!!!
Listening to his coach

Robert's dream...hes finally old enough for soccer!

Proud to be a Jr. Grasshopper

Yesterday Forest had his very first soccer practice!
He was completely into it...took it very seriously and played hard! I had no idea he would love it this much. I guess signing him up at age two was ok after all!
The soccer field is right next to the farmers market, so after we were done we all walked over to find some treats. This was such a fun way for all of us to spend out Saturday morning.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bring on October!

I can tell that Fall is just around the corner! I know because in the middle of the night i can finally open all the windows to let the cool air in. And the morning requires a second layer to be worn.
This is basically what i wait for all summer. If hell had an actual temperature, it would probably be called Redding, Ca, instead of a number. The summer here can be pretty awful.
October is my favorite month of the year. I often forget that September has to come first. It brings a new season, refreshing weather, beginning of holidays, fashion police give the ok for wearing plaid again, Pumpkin lattes at Starbucks, our annual trip to Bishop pumpkin patch, our wedding anniversary, and my birthday. Its always the busiest month of our year. Both fun and not so fun things. Some how it just always fills up right away. And i absolutely love it.

I didnt blog all summer. There is really no way to recap all that took place.
It was a whirlwind! A much needed Vegas vacation with Robert (no kids!). The birth of our precious baby N. Little man Forest turning two! Roberts birthday. Participating in my brothers beautiful wedding. And lots of visits with family and friends.

I feel like i have learned a lot this summer.
I realized that even though i have never lived too close to family, as i get older, i sometimes wish that i did. I learned that nothing is more important to me than my little family of 4. And i realized that i am even tougher than i thought. Abd of course, ive learned how to handle two kids!

With all this ready for Fall! And can i just be honest and say that i really just cant wait for Fall wardrobe and those damn pumpkin lattes!

Monday, September 5, 2011

"In the long run, much of what seems so pressing right now wont even matter. What we do with our children will matter forever."

Just a little clip of what ive been reading. I dont actually have much time for reading these days. And by night time, when i could be reading, there's no way in hell my brain would allow me.
However, ive been really getting into waking up early before the kids. Brush my teeth alone. Pour my coffee with Trader Joe's hazelnut creamer, alone. Sit in my brown stuffed chair by the window alone. Be silent and read. Sometimes this lasts 10 minutes, but sometimes 45!
I dont do this every morning. I usually decide the night before whether waking up early or sleeping extra will be more beneficial for that particular day. My reading at the moment, consists of the bible and a parenting book of choice. Currently, "The Five Love Languages of Children". I know what youre thinking....could i get any more mom-ish? But hey, i figure if i truly practice living life to the fullest, and for now my life is being a full time mom, then i might as well completely dive into raising my kids.

This book is pretty basic but a really great reminder of how we can love our kids on purpose.