Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Old Woman

This is "old woman" who stares at me
from the complex across the street from ours.
Sometimes we eat lunch together, dinner together,
and have staring competitions.
But most of the time, she just scares me, because i will
start to get dressed and realize that i didnt close
the curtains....and there she is! Huge amounts of awkwardness.
I practiced yoga the other evening, and she watched the entire time.
She is super old, so some days when i dont see her at the window, i get really worried.
But she always comes back eventually.
We went on a field trip to Lafayette Reservoir with the entire school. I put sunblock on the kids
but they kept asking me what a sun burn was. This was a very fun day for everyone! The kids went wild!
The little girl on the left is highly into fashion. She lets me know when my outfits are not matching or when my shoes are not matching my purse. On the Reservoir day, she made a special point to wear all camo.
And when i showed up with my huge brown bag and black hoodie, i definitely got a "Mrs. Clark, why are you wearing that purse"?

Last weekend i got to see Melody!!! She was in town so we had a few hours on Sat to see eachother.
We realized that its been over a year since the two of us have been able to hang out and talk.
And talking is exactly what we did! So glad you came over Mel!!!!

Robert and I are doing pretty well. We feel very settled now. Very much at home.
On Fridays I teach a "Purpose Driven Life" class to the homeless. If anyone is interested in donating
copies of Rick Warren's book, please let me know!! I have received 10 so far, but i could use a few more.
Please keep this class in your prayers!