Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My thoughts on laying around in bed

As I sit here in my bed, eating french fries with ranch I decided I should blog.

Here are just a couple of my current thoughts on having a passenger inside.....

1. The food i have been eating is both wonderful and scary, tasty yet so gross.

2. Two days ago I had Robert help me to remove my belly-button piercing which i have had since age 16. After it was removed i lay on my bed crying, wondering if i would ever be "cool" again.
Wondering if i would be able to ever put it back in again so that i could be the mom with the belly-button piercing. I cried also because i was freaked out to look at myself without the tiny piece of silver attached to my body. It took my 24 hours before i could look at myself.

3. Im wondering how a peanut sized friend could possibly cause me to be this hungry all the time?

4. Im wondering why the hallway of 3rd floor has to smell so bad all the time, causing me to want to die every time i enter to kitchen.

5. And im thinking I might be boring for the rest of my life, based on the fact that I cant handle doing anything other than going to bed by 4 pm every day.