Tuesday, March 30, 2010

snowing this morning, so im on a roll

"Lay aside immaturity and live,
and walk in the way of insight."
Prov. 9:6

(this post has potential for offending. Consider that your warning)

Ive been thinking a lot about this lately. My blog doesnt exist for me to use as a personal journal,(you should all be thanking God for that) but sometimes i feel like blogging about things that are going on in my journal. (a very mild and censored version of course).

I can come up with a few things from this passage. I have stated before (not on my blog) that this year im focusing on having a healthy family and home, building on existing meaningful relationships while making some new, and cleansing from the unhealthy ones. To me, "laying aside immaturity", plays into effect with this. I am learning more and more that its a waste of time to keep people around who arent necessarily encouraging, healthy, drama-free, or loving. Do you ever just wake up one day and finally realize, whats the point in knowing certain people anymore? Ok, enough, because this is not my journal.

Another thing that comes to mind from this passage is:
Physical health. I typically strive to be a healthy person, both physically and mentally.
I have always felt that self control and the desire to be healthy is a sign of maturity.
We are given new insight to healthful living as the years go on. I.E: people used to think white bread was amazing, but now we have the knowledge that white bread is actually just a "dead" food and we can now choose the many options of multi-grains that will put live nutrients into us.
In my own opinion, if im choosing to remain child-like in my decisions for personal health and well being, then im choosing to be immature. I was discussing with my mom the other week, that i often look to Buddhists, Hindus, and Yogi's for insight and inspiration of all around health.
I feel like they have a strong sense of self and a strong sense of how to treat their bodies right.
Im a follower of Jesus, but I do practice yoga for physical and mental well-being,and I strive to stock my pantry with groceries that a yogi would have. (say what you will). Dont get me wrong, i absolutely love the occasional nights of devouring pizza and brownies. But both of those items are pretty much dead, and I honestly do want live nutrients inside of me and my family.( I wont even put my pinky toe into the topic of me being a vegetarian in this blog entry)
And quite honestly, now that im thinking about it, the pizza and brownies are much like the pointless "friendships" that for some reason we just dont get rid of in order to cleanse, focus, love, and live more healthy.

"Lay aside immaturity and live,
and walk in the way of insight."
Prov. 9:6
We have been given insight on how to live...why not use it?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

sunshine and blocks

Serious about his blocks

When the weather is nice we try and spend most of our day outside. The other day was BEAUTIFUL, so Forest and I headed to the cafeteria to visit with the cook and ask for a banana.
We went just outside the cafeteria which has the most tailored looking lawn on the property, and we had ourselves a little banana picnic on our blanket in the sun. There is a lot of grassy options out here, but this specific grass area makes me feel more secure then the others which are a bit more rustic. Forest greeted the girls as they arrived for their lunch and a small dog ran up to tell us he didnt want us there. Because Forest loves dogs, he didnt realize that this one didnt like him. We spent over an hour out there before nap time! (good thing, because it snowed that night and next day).
The rest of our evening was spent playing with his set of squishy blocks. Forest thanks Nona very much for his set of blocks! And so do I, because it gives me a chance to do other things without him yelling at me! Every night when he goes to bed, I come in the living room and put them all back in their container so that he can feel like a big boy in the morning when he wakes up to take them out himself. (Thats his favorite part).

Fun at our banana picnic!
The bag the blocks go in, is the most fun to play with

Wednesday, March 24, 2010







The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will soon be voting on a law that would make it illegal to sit or lie on any sidewalk in San Francisco. We think it’s a terrible idea to criminalize the act of sitting in public space and we are shocked that San Francisco may be on the verge of adopting the most draconian “sit/lie” law in the country.

You can help stop this law from passing, and you’ll need do nothing more than do what you love on your nearest sidewalk.

MARCH 27 will mark a fantastic, city-wide celebration of public space, San Francisco’s diverse and vibrant culture, and San Francisco’s history of tolerance and compassion.

On Saturday, March 27, people in every neighborhood will be doing what they love on the city’s sidewalks and they will be inviting family, friends, and neighbors to join them. Multiple events have already been planned and the list is growing by the day. More than one thousand people have already RSVP’d!

What can you do for Sidewalks are for People? Anything!

Just occupy a space on the sidewalk, perhaps with a table, lawn chair or carpet. Then, make music, barbecue, do yoga, create a lemonade stand, read, relax, make art, have an argument, talk, sun bathe, do your taxes, play chess, meditate, do tai chi, eat, knit, dance, paint, write, sit, lie down, play — Anything!

We will provide you with some basic materials to hand out to curious pedestrians, along with tools to support you in orchestrating this in the most effective way. Other than that, we leave it up to you to organize the best event that you can. You can do whatever you want, but please do something!

Be sure to document your event with photos and video.


CONTACT: info@StandAgainstSitLie.org to learn more about how to get involved and make your individual action cohesive with the hundreds of other people who will be participating.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Weekend at Nona and Grandpa's

We spent the weekend in Alamo visiting with the Fam. Sarah and Ben were partying it up in Vegas for his 30th, so cousin Lil was staying with "Nona and Grandpa". Forest loved having her around during his visit! Here are some pics from our fun weekend...Sarah, here is what your daughter was up to while you were away!

Lexi did not appreciate Forest on her mat

But he found a true friendship in Sophie!

Lily showing Forest how to feed "Bunny" the Rabbit

Playing hard with Sophie, the babysitter

Chill time with Grandpa

Oh, Lil this is so much fun!

Now let me have some of your Cliff Bar!

Lots of wagon rides, from Nona

Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Bookworm

This week Forest and I are attempting to make friends.
I had done a little research and planned out two outings. Starting with "Bbay Bookworm", this morning at the Redding library. I didnt know any details before arriving. I only knew that it was going to be for his age range...which I have learned is actually a bit challenging to find.
Im not into libraries...that probably sounds ignorant, so what I really mean to say is, I not into hanging out at libraries and the silence inside makes me feel odd. I felt this way upon arrival this morning, but just around the corner in the childrens area i could actually hear things getting ready to start! Forest and I joined a group of about 8 different sets of moms and kids. Forest was excited from the moment we entered. So many kids his exact age! He immediately tried greeting the kids who were sitting nearest to us...but they all knew what was coming, and didnt care about him!
I told him that he would be pro soon too and not to worry. He was pleasantly surprised when the program began with songs, dancing, and rhymes. The stories were great but he mostly loved the singing and dancing. After the program ended we all stayed to play with each other and share toys.
It was great to meet some other moms. I now and realizing that Redding moms are much more natural in their parenting then some other places I have lived; made me feel very comfortable.
A woman explained to me that she had been co-sleeping with her now 2 year old son, until just this week! My first thought was "wow they are very natural up here". But my second thought was "Damn! Your marriage must really suck by now!" (excuse me). As i sat on the floor with Forest and his new little friends, I kept finding it odd that all his new friends had such tiny pin heads...but I suddenly realized that I was wrong; Forest just has a GIGANTIC head and he was playing with kids who were of a more "normal" size!!!!! O my.
I guess we are popular, because we were even invited to 2 other play groups!
Tomorrow we are going to a "young mom's group" at a church that Robert and I are planning to try out! Hopefully we will have just as much fun!
Due to our morning at the library, here are some shots of the little "reader" himself

A Few Pics

Home Sweet Home

Forest enjoying the new couch

Warm by the fire with "Nona"

Our back deck after the a night of snow

Forest spent our journey to the new home, reading in the back seat.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last night I stupidly stayed up late. The rest of my night was spent not sleeping, due to working on some night time habits with a very angry Forest. He then decided to wake up for the day at 6:30.
Life just isnt fare. Oh well. I guzzled down some coffee while we played until his morning nap time. This brings me to the moment when I have an important decision to make...go back to bed or stay awake? I chose awake. I usually do, considering I have already been up for a couple hours drinking coffee. But dont worry, im not a fool...I often nap for survival during his afternoon nap. Actually, we like to nap together like two moles side by side in my bed. What kid doesnt love sleeping in mom and dad's bed?! I should be honest though and say, that Im currently blogging instead of afternoon napping. Today im making baby food instead of napping. If I do it while hes awake later, he will yell at me the entire time.
Back to this morning...
For the first time since moving, I looked around and realized that I have an entire house all to myself. There I stood; coffee mug in hand, hair in a messy bun, and looking like a crust (because i can). I looked out my huge living room windows and noticed the wild mustang grazing just out past my back deck. He prompted me to be productive...he was productive so early; why not me?
I put on some scandalous workout attire (because i finally live alone again and i can), and i did yoga for the first time in long time. It was such an encouraging and uplifting morning of sun salutations, prayer and worship. Some of you might be thinking that sun salutations and prayer contradict each other...but I obviously feel otherwise. If you want to talk about contradictions, lets talk about how after this lovely workout, I totally ate a high cholesterol breakfast! GROSS.
The serious "yogis" out there would have been pissed. By the time I finished, the child woke up and we got ready to go out. Its about 70 degrees today! We walked along the pond and checked out the scary geese on the "goose field" (i like to call it). Then we went to the girls cafeteria to visit with some people. We got back to the house with perfect timing because Robert was home on his break. Here I am, blogging and making baby food. This is my life today. Its a life I never experienced before...but today im enjoying it.

pics still coming i promise

Sunday, March 14, 2010

After baby's in bed ramblings

I always tell Robert that if we ever live in nature, I would like it to be beach nature, otherwise no thank you. We have always had a dream of owning a horse ranch and running a ministry for troubled youth through it...but we never know where we want it located because we dont want to be in the "middle of nowhere"....an ocean front ranch perhaps??
With that said, here I am! In the middle of the woods (middle of nowhere)! How did this happen?
Sometimes i feel that my life is spent eating my own words. But I like to call it, living life to the fullest! Sounds more exciting.
When I realized we were moving into the woods (seriously the woods), I freaked out and told Robert I couldnt do it. I was told we would probably have no working internet, no cell phone service and no ability to have cable tv. Then, I remembered that I was actually the one who found this job and location. Darn.
We live at a place called "Shepard's Ranch" and also known as the "Julian Youth Academy" which is a division of "Teen Rescue".
It feels like we live at a year-round summer camp. This is a safe place for kids who are having a difficult time at home (for various reasons). Robert spends 14 hours a day with them. From the second they wake up, until the second they turn the lights out at night...they see Robert. haha.
Anyways, God must have taken pity on me since He knew I was hoping to live in the city. Because, much to my surprise, we arrived to an awesome 3 bedroom house! As we went inside we were told that our house happened to be the ONLY house that is able to receive cable, internet, and cell coverage! Are you kidding me?! I am literally in the middle of nowhere and im able to blog!
Forest and I went outside for a walk today (on the 250 acres we live on). I walked through the snow out to the pond and found many different kinds of animal prints. One pair belonging to a bear!
Its true, we have tons of bears, deer, fox, raccoons, and bob cats. O, and i cant leave out the wild mustang horse that roams the land around my house.
Its pretty neat, its pretty rustic, its pretty different then what I was wanting, its pretty far from a Peets coffee or Starbucks...though, i feel that if i can just get myself to handle this, its going to be a very meaningful and impacting job and life style for Robert and I.

Pics coming soon

Thursday, March 4, 2010


"Watch out Auntie Lizzy; here I come!"

We are SO excited to move tomorrow! We are embarking on a whole new life style...living in NATURE! We are moving to Redding, California, where we will be living on lots of land with lots of wild animals, including bears (so ive heard).
Not too sure about this type of scene, so im just choosing to embrace it and see what happens! (dont worry, i plan to maintain my style sense through all of this). HAHA! Robert has been extremely blessed with a neat job in which he will be involved daily, in lives of troubled boys. We are trusting God with this one and we have already seen him being faithful to us and confirming things along the way.
So excited to finally get to create our own family life for ourselves and set up our own living environment! Forest is very excited to finally get his OWN ROOM! I told him yesterday and he screamed with his arms in the air! Uncle Eric better get started on the requested art for his new room! Forest is also excited to live very close to his Auntie Lizzy...the pic above is from the other week when we were visiting her. (Liz, get ready to babysit!) haha.

We will be without internet for quite some time, so check in MUCH later for pics of our new setting!
Here are some pics today when we spent some time saying bye to Papa and Grandma! Chillin with Papa at Forest's favorite coffee shop

"Great Grandma and Papa, you can come visit! Let me go!"

True Wealth

Happy are those who find wisdom, and those who get understanding. For her income is better than silver, and her revenue better than gold.
She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare her.
Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor.
Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.
She is a tree of life to those who lay hold of her; those who hold her fast are called HAPPY.
Prov. 3:13-18