Friday, September 17, 2010

"YES! My own sand box!"
Yesterday Forest woke up to Robert converting the kiddie pool into a sand box.

Immediately got to work! his pajamas

Thanks Dad!

The captive...spying on Robert from the balcony patio, while he brought up the sand bags

This is what prompted us to just make our own at home!
He totally loves sand, rocks, sticks, dirt, wood chips, and even trucks now.

By the way...once swim season is over, re-using the kiddie pool as a sand box is totally cheap and great! Now we have something to do outside, even when its raining! (our patio is covered).

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back on the mat

I guess this has been the week of getting "back in action". For both me and Forest.
Perhaps my sister's blog prompted me...but its been a long time coming, so maybe it would have happened this week anyways.

For the first time in over a year, after way too much change and stress,I finally feel "normal" again.
I feel like im in a personal place of being ready to get back into things. Things that have been and still are a huge part of who I am.

So, last week I began a new yoga class. Every Thurs evening is now dedicated to MYSELF, and my practice of yoga. Yep, im back on the mat again!
I have already been very serious in my at home practices this whole summer, but its so encouraging and challenging to be back in a class as well. And a special bonus is that Forest has already been fed, bathed, and put to bed before i get home! yeeeeeeees.

Another exciting thing is that I met with the staff at the Redding Rescue Mission, and they are currently putting together an idea of something they want me to be doing with the women that are currently in their women's recovery program. Ill expand on this in the near future once all the details are worked out.

As for Forest....This morning he made his come back at the library's "Story Time".
After not attending all summer, he definitely went back in with a bang! My child was completely besides himself with excitement. He was "that kid"! He apparently felt the need to "help" the story teller with her stories and felt characters. He stood right next to her the entire time.
And when the puppet show started, he could no longer hold back...he had to stand the entire time while gasping, screaming, yelling, pointing, and rambling. The other children just stared at him. The other moms smiled...the sympathy smile. As if he was doing something wrong and they felt bad for me. Excuse me! He wasnt doing anything wrong...he was totally living it up at story time! When it came time to play, his little friends were not impressed and they quietly played. Well, still completely impressed by the puppet show, Forest was on a role and ran around with his plastic tools, scaring all of his boring little friends. He's not a bully at all. Hes not rude. He doesnt act mean towards other kids. He's sweet and kind, and full of life.
Yet, I received more sympathy smiles.

Why the sympathy??! My kid had a total blast! And i loved watching him!

If anyone has sympathy to give out, its me...because i feel bad for all the moms who were there with their boring kids...who are labeled "good" for being TOTALLY BORING and LIFELESS!
um, i'll stop there. Could go on about this for days....((holding myself back....holding myself back))

.......a child is "good" if he sits with his hands in his lap for 20 minutes? And "bad" if he needs to stand during that time? ummm....oooook

Watch out moms who are raising their kids to be "good", because this Little Man is coming back to Story Time every week!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thanks Sarah for the Inspiration

My sister recently posted a great blog entry. All about who we are as women aside from being mothers. We were (and still are) something other than a "mom" before the kids started coming around. She referred to the phrase "Yummy Mummy". EW?! WHAT?! Do people really refer to themselves as that? I thoroughly love raising Forest, but if some one asked me who i was, and all i could come up with was "I'm a Yummy Mummy"....i would have to die.
The kids cant be all there is to us. The constant wearing of velour jumpsuits, yoga pants, and t-shirts, cant be all there is to us. Neither can playing at the park, cleaning up crap, only showering when able to fit it in, the constantly preparing food, and play dates.
Gross. How does that even amount to"Yummy?" It sounds so gross an unattractive.

Ok. Enough.

She inspired me to do what she did; so, this is who I am.

I am Tiffany. A young woman who lives as a follower of Jesus. Passionate about seeing a change take place in inner city communities, and in the lives of the homeless and impoverished.
A loving wife. An aspiring "Yogi". A traveler. A proud vegetarian. A coffee consumer.
A mom to Forest....and a fun one too!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Always Leave Room to be a Goon

Some times you just need to allow yourself to be a total and complete GOON

Last week Robert and I took Forest out to a park that we recently discovered.
The childrens area is much larger than the one we typically go to. And there is more shade too.
There is also a big water section. The ground is spongy and there are many big structures that have a constant spray of water coming out. In the middle is big volcano that errupts water ever 15 minutes. When this thing errupts, it makes a loud thunder type of sound and kids freak out screaming! This thing is intended to completely soak everyone...and it does!
Its not a spray...its a total dumping of water.
Forest was really into all the sprayers. He is too young to roam around alone, so i decided to go in with him. So, there i was, completely soaked, looking like a total goon, and my lovely (and dry) husband, just watched and laughed. Suddenly other kids came in and their moms all sat near Robert. Yes, this left me to be THAT mom....the total and complete GOON of a mom.
But ask everyone who they thought was having the most fun, and they would probably say it was ME!

Monday, September 6, 2010



Fall is here. My absolute favorite time of the year. Specifically October...just a few weeks away!
All great things happen in Fall.

Weather changes to how i like it.
Leaves turn great colors.
Fall wardrobe!
Wearing layers
Cold nights
Cold mornings
The HUGE Pumpkin Patch (new tradition started last year)
Forest can wear a beanie if weather permits
Day light savings changes....thank God
Our wedding anniversary
My birthday
Getting to feel cozy again
Cold enough outside to play at the park ANY time of the day


The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back for the season!

This tasty little seasonal treat is very expensive, and very sugary, and very intense.
Which means ordering just a "tall", usually does the trick. And honestly, i will probably just be ordering it once this year. And that will be the morning of the "HUGE pumpkin patch tradition".

The latte is a part of the tradition. Well, at least its part of how I do the tradition haha.
Cant wait to throw on a plaid flannel and take Forest out there! He is going to completely freak out with pure joy this year! Finally, hes at the age of really enjoying things. And this time it wont just be me freaking out with joy over the great petting zoo!

Nicole Richi also goes to pumpkin patches (just an fyi)