Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2 doesnt need to be terrible

Pancakes in the morning. The picture was taken this morning. And it was at this moment, that i looked at him stirring the pancake mix, he looked back at me, and he said "thank you". And it hit me that he is growing up. Lately all ive been able to notice are the awful meltdowns brought on by not being allowed to watch the Curious George movie for the 100th time, or by telling him he HAS to wear pants if he wants to go shopping with me. But i have to remind myself that this is actually a good thing. Its good because it means he is growing up. He is practicing his opinions and independence. I could do without the tantrums that are so intense that i lose my appetite for the day....but i guess thats part of it. I should actually be proud of him for how opinionated, confident, and expressive he is at such a young age.

Ive been trying to get a good picture to use for his bday invitations, but a photo shoot with an almost 2 year old is not very realistic. He never wants to smile when i need him to.
Though, he's pretty good at providing me with plenty of other animated looks.

Waiting to flip the pancakes (im a little scary at 8:30 am)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

His latest word and latest favorite activity. Every time he blows a bubble, he has to say the word as loud as he can. My poor, yet understanding neighbors.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Forest and i hit the road on Fri to head to the Bay Area to see our family. I kind of love these mini road trips just the two of us. We always start out with a stop at Starbucks for my coffee with cream and his mini scone and water. Once i have the caffeine greatness in the cup holder next to me, we are set to hit the road and begin our 2.5 hours drive. He usually passes out after he comes down from his sugar high and after we have had a van concert to our favorite songs. (songs will remain nameless in order to keep both our reputaions in the clear)
Once he's asleep, its a great alone time for me. Silence. Or talk radio. And hes usually waking up by the time we take the Livorna exit to my parents house. Thats my favorite moment. His favorite moment is when we pull into their driveway....he instantly starts calling out to the dogs and trying to free himself from the car seat. Going to my parent's, is like taking Forest on an overnight trip to a park...a park that has dogs! He is happy to explore the huge yard, go on the tire swing, run with the dogs, play hard with cousin Lil, and be barefoot and free. And i feel like im in heaven, because i get a slight break from watching him! A huge yard with a fence, what a concept!
Needless to say, we both have a great time and its always fun to hang out with family and see a couple of friends. We are usually exhausted by the time we get back home. Somehow, the drive back is never quite as fun. The concerts are minimal. The pre-hit the road coffee is more important then ever. And i look like a real gem by the time i walk up to our apartment door to be greeted by my lovely husband. What a treat for him.
The day after, Forest was in a horrible mood and so tired. It happened to be an extremely busy and scheduled day. He got very quiet while i was making his lunch. I came around the corner and found him tucked into the diaper box, in the living room, about to fall asleep. Poor guy.
I promptly grabbed my camera. I was very surprised that he actually wanted to eat his lunch, but he did! But he HAD to eat it from in the box. What a troll.

yogi in training

Forest watches every move i make these days. Ive been trying to fit in my exercise every morning before we are full force into our day. I have a much better day when i actually accomplish this. The other morning, i unrolled my yoga mat. Left the room. Came back, and this is what i found! Forest in full yoga practice. I was quite proud of him. And i like to think that maybe he felt nice and stretched out for the rest of his day!

"Downward facing dog"

"sun salutations"