Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good things/Great things

Good things come to those who wait......WRONG! Good things (maybe even GREAT things) come from those who take appropriate action during the waiting time.
I pray to God that the daily action of job hunting will bring us not just the good, but the Great.
Waiting is "good" (definitely not great). It teaches much patience, self control,and the concept that its a choice to be happy each day or not. Most days i choose happy, for the sake of my lovely son and wonderful husband.
The twirp only has 7 months of life behind him. Though sometimes he looks at me as if hes older and wiser than I am. As if to say, "o mom, just give us all a break".
I cant allow my 7 month old to tell me that. Therefore, i choose happy...most days. Im going to always teach him to choose great over just good.
He doesnt realize that the 3 of us share a room (actually, he does and loves it). Or that things would be different if we lived in our own place. Or that if it were up to me we would NEVER be living in the mountains...
The mountains are good too (not great), for the exact reasons that waiting is good (not great).
Glad ive got my twirp. Glad ive got my best friend Bert, glad ive got coffee, and so glad that ive got my very own rocking chair.

This blog is officially back in action