Sunday, May 30, 2010

What we've been up to in May

Quiet mornings in his favorite spot with sippy cup

Lots of lunches and stroller cruising at the park

Organizing his clothes and getting ready to take old ones to baby consignment store
(if youre thinking he spends a lot of time without a diaper on, you are correct)
Playing in diaper boxes

Enjoying bath time

Walks at the park

Photo shoots

Had fun when Grandma and Grandpa Dan came to visit

Lots of days at the park

Drumming with Dad

Playing with cousins Andrew and Ashleigh during their visit

Spent time in San Francisco with great friends

Many nights of throwing his pacifier out of the crib, just to get me to go back in
and hand it to him.

The month of June is already almost here! Forest will be 1 year old on June 29, and i cant believe it! A year has gone by already. Just this past month, he has changed so much...such a little boy now. Not so much a "baby". I still wish we could just lounge in bed all day together, like when he was a newborn. But those days were precious and few! Now im chasing him around the house as he crawls from one destination to the next!
He's been busy this month. He wakes up early and eager to get around and play. He's constantly scanning the room looking for something to get into. He recently lost interest in most of his toys, and refuses to play with them most of the time. He would much rather go exploring. Except last night i brought the big blogs out and we were screaming non stop as we built towers just to knock them down. He's soooo into standing up. Loving his finger foods. Thinking he's incredibly cool drinking from his sippy cup and eating real snacks. He loves yelling at the top of his lungs, clapping, dancing (mostly to hip-hop), playing with his friends, going to the park, reading books, and of course still loves to cuddle up at the end of the day. I try to soak up every moment i get, because soon enough ill be taking pics of him on his first day of school.
With all that said, everything written above is not only what Forest has been up to, but its also everything that I have been up to! Sometimes I say that i just need a break and a day of being 19 again. Specifically 19. O yes, 19, the days when i didnt have to worry about finding the stupid wooden letter "O" to complete "Forest" on my sons bedroom wall. By the way, how many people could possibly be purchasing the letter "O"?? How could they always be out of it?
I used to be concerned with boys, then i was concerned with world issues, then i was concerned with urban communities, and now all im concerned about is how the heck will i find the stupid letter "O" for my sons wall?! haha...what has happened to me? I think ill get back to "normal" in the future, but for now, i try to stay focused on my family, while adding in small doses of the other aspects of who i am.

Enjoy the pics from May

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom's Day

The past year of my life has been a very challenging one; full of adventures, disappointments, and eye opening experiences. By far the most amazing thing is a blessing from God in the form of a perfect wife and son. On most holidays I just sit back and enjoy the food and the good times seeing all my friends and family. This past weekend I have been home alone and staying up late wondering what my family is up to. This holiday (mother’s day) I don’t have any food or family to chill with. Instead I have my memories to entertain me. Of course my Mom came into my mind, but she has been in my mind every Mother’s day. This time things are different because my wife is now a Mom.

Tiffany is amazing. She is the best thing that could have ever happened to me and to Forest. Countless hours are spent that I don’t see taking care of Forest and his little personality. I get to come home on my breaks and enjoy hanging out with Forest as he cracks up because his Dad is home to play with him. But I start to think about what happens when I leave. What happens is a fussy boy who wants to play with his Dad that needs to be comforted by his Mom. Her patience grows every day with Forest as he learns more about his body and life around him. Recently it’s been taking Forest over 45 minutes to fall asleep because he is playing and trying new things. Tiffany gets to go constantly for 45 minutes and help Forest fall asleep. I can’t understand what it’s like to be her.

In my depression of being a bachelor this weekend I can only express how happy and proud I am of my wife the mother of Forest. That Mother’s day I am proud to be married to the best Mom in town who loves me to death. Tiffany, I love you so much and I’m so proud of the Mom that you are.

Happy Mother’s Day

Love Robert

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


A little less of this...

and a little more of this...

So...I came, I tried, and now im getting the heck outta here!
We planned to give living out here in the woods a try. Its just waaaay to difficult. Im completely fine with saying that this is absolutely not my scene; and im perfectly ok with that.
I have no problem admitting this and I have no problem admitting that I enjoy wearing cute flats, and big sun glasses. That doesnt flow out here. I am NOT ok with putting on "running" shoes to go outside. Ruins my outfit. I am not ok with sharing a house with creatures. I am definitely not ok with finding spiders the size of humans. Im not ok with being isolated. And im not ok with dragging my son 40 minutes in the car just so we can be a part of things...and we still have to leave a lot of things out. (Im also very much ok with admitting that im totally into a tv show because the fact that its based in Berkeley brings me so much comfort).
So, we are moving into town!!!! YAY! Currently apartment shopping. As far as suburban living goes, Redding is actually kind of neat. Im enjoying it. It will be much more realistic for us to be living there. It will be a bit of a sacrifice, but Robert and I agree that its worth it in the end.

In honor of moving into civilization soon, and also to promote my son to keep it real, Im taking him to San Francisco for the day while we are in the area next week. Cant wait. A stop at the coffee shop which provided me with carrot muffins and hazelnut flavored coffee while he was in the womb, is probably in order! Seems appropriate for Mothers Day.