Monday, November 12, 2007


I will gladly say yes to coffee at any point during my day.
If i dont have my travel mug in my hand each morning, i feel greatly thrown off the entire
rest of my day. I almost never allow this to be the case. No one in our apartment complex has ever seen me walk out my door in the morning without a travel mug in my hand...this i can assure you. On certain days there is nothing better then sitting outside a coffee shop in a sloppy outfit(preferably in a Mary-Kate Olsen kind of sloppy) while drinking a latte and writing in my journal. By the way, why is she so cool? And why cant i seem to get over her? This deserves a picture.

With this said, today i am feeling a little disturbed. Actually, very much so. Therefore, i will turn to my drug of choice for comfort and at the end of the day i will be shaking like a moron. Im ok with this. And im ok with liking coffee this much. And im ok that Robert tells me im "addicted".
So im off to find a small amount of comfort in a cup of coffee (or maybe a latte) and my journal.

This is a little dramatic, but who ever said that i wasnt dramatic?
I should be writing about more important things, but not today.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I was looking up on google a picture of a latte, to put on a new blog post.
And much to my enjoyment, these two little friends showed up!
Meet "Latte" and "Mocha". My blog post will have to wait because I think these
two deserve a post of their own!