Monday, April 20, 2009

roughing it

Over the past two weeks City Impact hosted many (and i mean tons!) youth groups and schools as their Spring Break missions trip destination. Though its busy for Robert during this time, its also a lot of fun! We got to see some people that come every year and catch up a little, and also met many new people. Due to the current unrest in Mexico, a lot of youth groups were forced to cancel their usual Mexico missions trip....which led them to an Urban missions trip instead...which brought them to us. This was a great thing for our ministry, and also comical. Comical because our building is under construction and we had to some how fit all these people into our building to sleep each night. These kids were roughing it. I heard one jr. higher comment that sleeping here was worse then sleeping in Mexico! haha! Hundreds of kids slept on the dusty ground of our construction zone, and were all expected to use one bathroom....which does not have a shower!

Here is my main point....i had to rough it as well!!!!! This was not really in my plan. I love having all these kids around, but i mostly love having them around when i know i can go home upstairs and get away from them every night and use my own bathrooms that are only used by us staff.
Well, shortly after their arrival, the one and only bathroom they had, BROKE! This sent hundreds of kids jr high-highschool-college running up the stairs to the "staff only 3rd floor" to use OUR BATHROOMS! EVERY DAY! ALL DAY! I spent two weeks fighting off these kids just to take a shower or brush my teeth. I will always remember the bravest girl i have ever met.
Brave because she was bold enough to piss off a 7 month pregnant woman....ME! When i told her i was waiting to use the bathroom next and alone (many of them pile in together) she wished me luck as she ran ahead of me into the bathroom with her friends and shut the door in my face!
And that is when i lost my mind. Those details will not be written.

I am happy to inform you that all groups are now gone. Our bathrooms are finally dissinfected and clean and i can take a shower without little boys knocking on my door telling me to hurry.
P.S I threw away all their boxers every day they would forget them in the bathroom.

Here is a lovely story that made me laugh that happened to one of the kids staying here.

A kid found a dollar on the sidewalk and picked it up. With much excitement, he held it in the air to show his friends. At that same moment, a random person ran by and snatched it from his hand and kept going! Guess "random person" decided it should be theirs instead!