Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas has come and gone. Lots of driving, lots of family, and lots of stuff.
Yes stuff. Stuff took over our car while we made the 7 hour drive back to our apartment.
And now the stuff is taking over our living room. I was laying on my couch tonight (enjoying season 1 of "Weeds" on dvd...thanks Ben!) and i exhaustedly i scanned the stuff with my eyes.
"Ive got some nice stuff," i thought to myself. Two minutes later...."Im such a bitch, did i seriously just pat myself on the back for this stuff?"For a brief second i contemplated taking it all out the the dumpster. Liberating and wonderful, but im currently too vain. I tuned my mind back into "Weeds" and allowed myself to be overwhelmed by the stuff. So it still remains in the living room. What a mess. I love this stuff. I hate this stuff.
How come i can live without this really pretty stuff, but im choosing to keep it? I dont know.
In two months i will move. And half of this stuff will be put into storage.

Christmas was wonderful and weird. Every year, wonderful and weird. I love it.
However, my stomach is not loving the fact that i majorly strayed from my usually natural and plant based eating habits. Thank God i only receive internet access while im in the convenient right now!

I cant leave out a major highlight....receiving the largest starbucks card i have ever received in my entire life. This truly is the gift that will keep on giving.

Is anyone else wondering what Lauren Conrad did for Christmas?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Bathroom Connection

Some of you are probably not aware of the fact that I can only access the
internet from in our bathroom. Yes, its true.convenient in some ways, annoying in others. This makes my internet connectionvery unstable and unreliable. Because of this, i am not very dependable with my blogs.

There is so much to catch up about. And tons of great pictures to post...non of which will be posted
tonight due to my lame internet connection.

Im sitting in my bathroom huddled on the floor, wrapped in a big blanket, exhausted, extremely sore, and bloated from pms. How attractive. But this is all for a good reason. This weekend i spend two days doing an intense "Yoga Teacher Training". Which means i went through 18 hours this weekend of yoga and teaching, and now i am a certified yoga instructor! And even though my body feels like its dying, i am so glad that i decided to
go through with this!

I have lots to say about Thanks Giving and pics! But dont worry, sooner or later i will have to use the
bathroom again!