Monday, March 30, 2009

Enjoying the weather and a 3 day weekend

Next week i will be 7 months pregnant! My last trimester will already be scary.

We have been enjoying about 70 degree weather here in the city, so we spent most of Sunday with our friend Chris who was able to get some great pics for us!
Since Forest will be a city kid, I thought i should expose him to some beautiful
graffiti sites around where we live.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Red Envelope Day

Please note: This might offend you

I'm sure most of you have heard of "Red Envelope Day" by now.
Please check it out if you dont know what it is. However, in a nut-shell, on March 31st people will
be mailing empty red envelopes to the White House as an abortion protest. Each envelope will represent a child unborn due to abortion. Like I said, if you want the details, just google it.

Now for my possibly offensive part

Why do people insist on waisting time and money to mail in empty red envelopes to the White House? An empty envelope will not stop abortions from happening and will not help change the minds of the women who are choosing this for themselves and their unborn child.
A red envelope does not offer a second option to women faced with this decision. Why spend the time to send envelopes if we arent going to actually offer a solution/alternative option? What youre basically saying by participating in this is, "I dont want abortions to keep happening, but i have no ideas on how to get to the root issue. I just want them to be stopped".

It sure is easy for people to put a stamp on an envelope or ridiculously hold a sign outside an abortion clinic. But who is going to go to these women and actually offer them a different option?
Who is going to go along side them and help them make a different path even possible?
Who is going to sit down and actually ponder the root problem? Who is going to come up with an actual solution? Who is offering to help women make the better decision? We tell women to keep their baby, but are we helping them to make that option possible?

Perhaps the root issue is not the fact that abortions are so easily happening; but rather,
why are they happening?

How are we going to put a stop to
why? When we are able to put a stop to why, we will then in hand, naturally be putting a stop to abortion.

Now, think about it again. How is "little Susie" really going to put a stop to the
"why" by mailing in an empty red envelope on March 31st?