Thursday, February 25, 2010

A year and a half ago, a talented mural artist located in San Francisco, visited the school i taught at in the Tenderloin. She was preparing to create a beautiful mural just down the street from the school and City Impact. She asked the kids questions about their lives; things they see in the community every day. Things they wish they saw,and things they wish they did not have to see. She spent some time with other people other than our school, in order to gather plenty of information about the Tenderloin community. Though I feel like from what i have read, her deepest and most meaningful bits of information came from the many days she spent on the side walk, being engrossed in the daily happenings of the Tenderloin,while working on her mural. She was so deeply touched that you can even find specific "regulars" she became friends with during the year, in her mural.
I appreciate the beauty she brought to the Tenderloin through her mural, which she calls "Windows Into the Tenderloin".
After an entire year, Its finally complete! She will also be having a mural dedication on March 5th.
Check it out to read more about what she says about this project and to see the before and after pictures of the building she used as her canvas.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This man is a complete and total Goon.
I am serious about my practice of yoga, but if i ever stand beside a redwood and feel the intense need to bust out "tree pose" beside it...i would hope that my husband, friend, or relative would pull me aside to tell me what a total freak i appear to be!
On the other hand, if you ever feel the need to take a breather in your day and enjoy a lovely, strength building,refocusing stretch, you may want to give Tree pose a try. I used to have my 1st and 2nd grade class practice tree pose after lunch/recess as a calming transition into getting back to their school work.
Give it a try and enjoy

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Does anyone recall a blog post I wrote from about 1 year ago? It was about an enjoyable character that i know, who i could hear singing through the streets a certain 80's i sat on my bed in the evening, scarfing a burrito.
It was basically my life in San Francisco in all of its glory.
Well, i was pleasantly surprised a few days ago while i was enjoying an afternoon at the dog park with Forest, Robert,Kim, and our niece and nephew. Robert was talking on his phone and when he sat next to me and handed me the phone, it turned out to be the "enjoyable character"! I understood maybe 2 words he said during the entire conversation, but it was great to talk non the less.
I hung up the phone feeling a bit emotional. Wish i could have just been talking with him in person. Wish Forest knew him...etc. blah.
But then as i sat there watching dogs run around, my child loving them, my niece having an "accident"; it occurred to me, that how bizarre, that I actually have some one such as this (for now nameless) character talking to me on the phone?!
I think its rare. I think its neat. I think im pretty fortunate.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Quiet time vs. Movement time

My entire life I had various people tell me that its healthy to create a "quiet time" in my day. A time to be quiet and still, reflect, and ultimately commune with God.
I agree that this is a healthy practice and its proven to be true through out my life.
But what about putting our (or maybe just my) "quiet time" into motion?
Communing with God through movement. Taking how I feel and putting it into a posture. Working through thoughts, questions,the need for guidance and answers;while moving through a creative sequence that free flows.
Most of my greatest "AHA!" moments have come from these times. God speaks during these times.
It is good to be still. But what does "still" mean for you?

Lovin his Valentine's Day

Yesterday was beautiful.

In the morning i was awakened by my husband and son, handing me a valentine they had made together. And might i add that they didnt wake me up until close to 9:00!...which made the valentine they gave me EVEN BETTER!
Valentine's Day is supposed to be about love. Well, its mostly about how much money can you spend on buying things for the one you love. Lots of men spend a lot of money of flowers that have been marked up in price for the "special day".
(btw: the flowers die pretty quickly)
Shouldnt we just do thoughtful things for the people we love throughout the entire year? Why wait for the month February? How about giving flowers to some one in September? How about saying "I love you" every day?
We spent Valentine's Day with our friend whom we love (and who Forest loves especially). We all spent the day in the woods and ended up along the American River. It was probably over 60 degrees! And i can probably count it as one of the most enjoyable Valentine's Days we have had.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lets be compassionate humans...please

Thanks Eric for the passion (and caffeine) induced blog.
Eric graciously gives us a reminder of what goes on behind the scenes at the Olympics.
And its not just this year and this location...its every time, and its true.

Check it out!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Due to the fact that we live with my in-laws (very grateful), its a very rare thing that i would ever be home alone. The chances of this are very few and far between...but as i sat down to blog, one by one, every body said good bye and went out the door! And here i sit; twirp is napping, and im blogging. ALONE!
For now its just me and the cat staring from the other side of the sliding glass door.

So here are some very quick pics so that i can go enjoy my time! We took these over the weekend while we were in SF. We were able to visit some special friends who are expecting their first baby (a boy!) and enjoy some time at our favorite spots that we used to spend so much time in!