Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas was great. Our (almost) month long stay in the Bay Area was great.

Forest is a great little guy. He handled being away from home, staying in a hotel, staying at his grandparents, and lots of visits with friends, like a little man. He got to spend a lot of time with Nona and Grandpa's dogs....which he always considers to be a good time! And even ended up attempting to take a rest in the dog crate on Christmas. A true animal lover. He also enjoyed the large Koi fish in the indoor pond at the hotel. He enjoyed them so much, that one day he decided they needed to borrow his Crocs...so he pulled them off his feet and threw them in to the fish!

I got to enjoy spending time with some friends and family members that i dont get to see very often. I also got to "enjoy" the craziness of Bay Area Christmas shopping...and with that came getting massively schooled on how to do the proper Alamo Starbucks line up. To each their own, i suppose! Needless to say, i am very glad to be back home and going to "my" Starbucks where i know how the flow of the line works! haha.

We are very glad to be home and catching up on some rest. I didnt realize how tired i was getting, being away with an 18 month old, until we finally got home!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Like i mentioned in my last post, Forest has visiting with lots of people lately.

He had the privilege of spending an entire day with his "Uncle Paul".
Forest's "Uncle Paul" is a truly creative, intelligent, charismatic, and inspirational person.
I have never known anyone else in my life who is filled with more creativity and charisma than this man.
I consider it completely beautiful every time Forest gets to spend time with him.

The more time i spend here in the Bay Area on "vacation", the more i realize how blessed i am to have certain people in my life that my son is able to have a relationship with. The fact that he has so many people who love him, contributes so much to his life and his being so well rounded.
He is so fortunate, and i remind him constantly.

what a tiny man

The Little Man has been living it up during our time of "hotel living".

He has gotten to visit with many people lately, and i was able to capture a truly precious moment the other day. A coffee and cookies date with his Great Grandparents. The picture of all three of them, might need to be framed in my house. What a blessing that Forest has the opportunity to have a relationship with his great grandparents. I have told him before, that this is rare and special. He soaks it up every time they are with him.

Monday, December 13, 2010

This song speaks loudly. I dont like to push cheese onto my blog...but this song is loud.
Deeply touched this morning by the words.