Sunday, March 23, 2008


Its an interesting thing to see 100 homeless people sing worship songs together.
Its an interesting thing to see numerous addicts sincerely sing to God.
Its an interesting thing to see the mentally used-up stretch their hands to heaven.
Its an interesting thing to see a man pray for healing, and then gain feeling throughout his body for the first time in years.
Even the ragged, despaired, stuck, and horrendously swallowed up, are aware that there is a higher power.
For a moment my heart believes that a change can happen.
I want to always feel like a change can happen.
Lives can be renewed.
Addictions can be broken.
Minds can be set free.
Poverty can die and quality of life can begin.

Tonight I can tell myself to sleep.
For this moment my heart believes that a change can happen.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pictures are coming soon......i promise!

But for now i need to get coffee and try to survive

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I get dressed multiple times a day. In the morning i need to look semi professional.
By lunch time, i have to change into something more casual. In the evening im ready to throw on sweats, but if im going out, i change again into a different none working outfit. And by night im dying to put on pajama pants.

I wont lie, today i thought i looked pretty good. Until...... while i was working in the homeless
department, some visiting volunteers offered me dinner and a brochure on a drug rehab center!!!

I laughed as i informed them that despite the fact that i look 16, and now apparently like a homeless person, i am in fact the resident staff.

I guess ive been looking a little more cracked out then i realized!

Monday, March 3, 2008

We Moved

"Scarlot the Harlot" welcomed me to the city

Lexi tried on some of Sarah's new baby clothes

Baby Shower Planners

The pregnant one!

Her first lottery tickets!

Robert and his Dad decided to walk through the water tunnels!

Walking up north

Survival mode while driving up the 5

Darren and Crystal helped us move!

Goodbye Precious Moses

Hope you enjoyed the pics. Not in order because it was too difficult. They will make sense as you read.

We have officially moved from Southern CA into San Francisco! FINALLY!
Once we reached the bay area, we had about a week to visit with family and relax.
We spent some time up north a little further in Auburn to visit Robert's family.
Just in time to celebrate Dan's(father-in-law) Birthday! There was a big storm going on the first day we were up there...which made watching the Oscars in my pajamas even more enjoyable!
A couple days later, i made it back to the bay area in time for Lizzy's 18th birthday!
Her and i ran to buy her first lottery tickets later that night. We saw some people that we knew, but we decided to hide from them because we looked so bad and were in our pajamas! Actually Liz looked cute. hahaha.
We had one more celebration that week....Sarah's baby shower! So fun!

Saturday was our move-in day. We have been unpacking for a couple days and tomorrow we are starting our typical work day. Our little room faces out to the street we live off of, so we "get" to hear and see everything that goes on. So far, i already feel like I am friends with the people in the complex across the street, because i can see them so well. And we have also been entertained by a "protest", which included a small marching band, a handful of prostitutes, a handful of trannies, a handful ofrandom women who didnt know what to do but just feel the need to protest, and the lovely leader that i might have a picture of. Apparently her name is Scarlot Harlot. The mini protest filled our street with music as they marched on!
Chanting "Reject Bush; not my bush". I will let your imagination clarify what that means.
The point of the protest was to support all sex workers.

More pics of our place and details coming soon.