Monday, October 10, 2011

my year

2011 has been my year. Our year. Last November i knew it needed to be. In December i sensed it would be. In January i claimed it would be. (i also remember stating to my best friend "Tiff is back bitches!) This year has been exactly what my family has needed and more. I am constantly thankful for how blessed we are and for where our life is at.
I Know both sides of the coin. Ive lived both. I appreciate where we are in life more, because of it.

But ive gotta say....this has also been my year for aging. Yikes!!!!
Im turning 28 in a couple weeks. I really do love birthdays. Im not afraid of another number.
28 does sound pretty old. I find myself needing vitamins in order to feel my best. Extra yoga in order to feel strong.Getting excited about things like my new chair to rock the kids in.
And dun dun dunnnn.....i have wrinkles!! I guess 6 years of adventures with my husband, and two kids will do that to you?
Thanks to my sister, this has been my year of anti-aging night cream. Yes, really. Im not sure if its working, but im praying to God that it does. One morning my husband decided to tell me that i look "nicer" on the mornings that i have used the cream the night before.
Yes, he went there. So maybe there is hope! Or at least it will give me a couple extra years to save up for botox. I said it out loud. Id totally do botox. I already know where.