Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The bottom drawer on Forest's changing table/dresser, is almost empty. The only things in it are some new blankets and a special quilt that have been made for the new baby(whenever he arrives). I have shown Forest the blankets and i have told him who they are for. And now, i am always guaranteed to find him like this once a day. If the house has suddenly gotten just a little too quiet, and i havent seen the crazy blonde boy running by recently...you can bet it means he is curled up in the drawer. I should get mad at him because its actually very dangerous. At any moment the entire dresser could fall on him. But he is always so quiet and so cozy looking when i find him in there. He's usually just humming quietly to himself, and he likes to remind that the blankets are for the baby.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The two blondies spying on the parrot

Best Friends
Forest and his best friends Chuck and Jack, went out to the Turtle Bay Exploration Park.
We have yearly passes, so we get to go pretty often and we love to take our friends with us.
It was drizzling all day, but we still ventured out to see the new mini parrot exhibit! The boys loved being in the parrot house. We were able to feed them and watch them for as long as we wanted. The parrots happened to love Chuck and Jack's yellow rain coats, so they had quite a few landing on them and hanging out on them.. Forest wasnt quite sure about the parrots landing on me or darting past his blond head, but he sure did have lots of fun being so close to them. I even got to leave the exhibit with a lovely souvenir.....yep, bird poop in my hair! Put all my hair up in a bun and our outing goes on.... nobody ever knows! hahaha
We are so thankful to have such special friends like Chuck and Jack and their mom Mandi.
Mandi is pregnant with a little girl! So pretty soon we will be adding a girl into our little gang of boys! I always figured she would have another boy and i would eventually be adopting a baby boy. Which would put us at a total of 5 BOYS! So adding her baby girl into the mix this Sept will be pretty fun and interesting.