Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finally a little blogging action!

A few weeks ago i brought my camera to school with me for the day. Its a good thing i did, because that week ended up being my last days of teaching.

It seems like one day i was having fun on the beach and the next day i was in the hospital being told i could not go back to work anymore. Turns out i have a HUGE kidney stone. I spent 4 days in the hospital while they attempted to make me comfortable with i.v's and serious pain killers. Apparently they cannot take out the stone because Forest is still inside me. Instead of getting anything taken out of me, i "got" to add one more thing into me. A lovely stint now sits inside of me keeping things flowable for the stone, until they can remove it after Forest is born. So now im 9 months pregnant with a stone and stint inside of me. After 4 days i was able to go home to my parents house to recover some more. I spent the past week and half at their house while Robert traveled back and forth the work. I will spare you the details of what i have to deal with every day. This is very painful and i basically just have to lay around and keep taking my pain killers while i wait for Forest to decide to come out. Fun.

So here are some latest pics from school and a few other things leading up to my current bed-bound days of pregnancy.

sometimes pals end up looking alike...these two are definitely pals

costume day during spirit week

Cal loves show and tell...he found a decaying bird head and beek
and was so proud!

my tiny class at lunch time

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Extremely Thankful

Recently, Robert and I were faced with the fact that we would need to move out of our place at 230 Jones so further construction could take place. The entire 3rd floor will be torn apart and turned into something great! With Forest arriving next month, we needed to get out and get settled in a new place until the construction is complete in a few months or so. This was stressful.
This has actually been a huge stress for the past few months. But to spare you the long story, i will just skip to the ending result (because its the best part!).

Just when we were completely freaked out and unable to come up with a good solution, we were offered something incredible. We recently moved into a semi private wing of a three level house.
We are spoiled with two bedrooms, a living room, and our own bathroom. I would also like to add that we are now living 2 blocks from the beach and 1 block from our favorite coffee shop.

We feel so appreciative and so thankful and so spoiled. Instead of hearing crazy people yelling all night and gun shots, I now hear the ocean when i keep my window open.
We will remain here until our other place is complete and made into a great place for our little family to move back into. For now, we will drive home to the Sunset District every day and continue to be thankful for how God always provides for us.

Pictures coming soon