Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Siblings on 3rd floor

My brother Eric recently moved into the room right next to ours, up here on the third floor!
He is the new official summer intern here at "City Impact"!
And the most magical part of it all is that the wall which separates our room from his, is actually a door...not a wall. So, in the mornings i can tap on the "wall" (door) and talk to him (without even shouting) while i get ready for my day or inform him that we have coffee brewing in our room. Absolutely magical.
Last night while we were SLEEPING, Eric decided to knock on our door a few times. Then he proceeded to call us on the cell phone. We thought maybe it was an emergency so we answered.
All he wanted to know was if the two of us were on a bike ride.....AT 11:00 AT NIGHT!
Again, magical.

Robert and I spent Monday at the ocean! We took a drive along the coast through Pacifica and Half Moon Bay. We stopped at the lighthouse and walked around the beach. We found some colonies of hermit crabs in the rocks and we found a lot of other creatures in a cave. The tide quickly came into the cave and Robert had to put me on his back and run through the water to get us out! I spent the rest of the day in my sweats and relaxing. It was a great extra day to our weekend.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Most links are cheesy, but i love this one

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Quiet in the Mornings

This morning i woke up a little on the early side, to enjoy the quiet.
There isnt much quiet around here, but i have discovered that a little bit of quiet comes out in the mornings. If i choose to sleep in , then i miss the quiet...because it hides the entire rest of the day and most of the night.
From my window the street looks like its working in slow motion. Homeless people are moving on the slower side, because they have just woken up. They seem calm and quiet. If they were to ever have a moment of epiphany, a moment of "aha!", a moment of "what am i doing?", i think it would happen in the morning.
Two mornings ago, i ran into two homeless friends of mine. The two of them pretty much flagged me down at a stop light because they were so excited to talk to me. The morning was still pretty quiet. People were still calm. They explained numerous plans of a hopeful future and goals they had set for the day. I was glad to hear them talk about such things, but i took it all with a grain of salt.
Yesterday evening i saw them eating dinner at the Rescue Mission. All the hope that I saw in their eyes in the morning, was drained out. Nothing may have come of what they were so excited to tell me. But I still remain glad for them because i know that they had a small moment of change that morning.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Last weekend my cousin Victoria, Cory (Victoria's boyfriend/Roberts best friend), and our friend Chris, all came for a visit to the city! Side note: you are probably thinking, wow, how convenient that Victoria is dating Cory. Tiffany's cousin, dating Robert's best friend. And yes, you are right, it is very convenient and also enjoyable. Anyways, Chris had never been in San Francisco before, so we made sure to do a few touristy across Golden Gate, dinner at Fisherman's Warf, going down Lombard Street etc. These are things that we never bother to do, so it was really nice to take a day to enjoy the beautiful things that the city has to offer! But i must admit, i was so exhausted!The weather was basically perfect for all the things that they wanted to see and do!This past week Robert completed a project that he was working on...building our LOFT BED!
Our loft bed is pretty much the coolest thing we own. From now on, i will refer to it as "the bird nest". Robert spent a week building the bird nest. He picked out the wood, drew a plan, cut all the wood and build the bird nest! Now that our bed is elevated, we have a lot more space in our tiny room. Here is a pic of the completed bird nest! Robert also cooked a great dinner for some of us up here on the third floor!This weekend has been very relaxing so far. I slept in really late and then took off for a walk to the farmer's market. With a Peet's coffee in my hand, i walked through tons and tons of different organic fruits and veggies, as well as freshly baked muffins, toasted nuts, cheeses, and many breads. The place was packed with people, but somehow i felt like i was in my own little world.
The farmer's market takes place every Saturday at the Ferry Building at the Embarcadero. Most of it is outside, but there is much goodness inside as well. Before i headed back home, i sat at the water and allowed the sun to soak into my pasty white body, while watching the sail boats go by under the bay bridge.
Though the day was beautiful, i am ashamed to say that i spent the rest of it indoors, in my sweats, and mostly in the bird nest watching movies. Ok, thats a lie, i am only half ashamed.
We are all entitled to a day of just mole-ing around every once in a while!