Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Magic Potato

I am cooking dinner for some friends tonight. I bought a bag of potatoes from Trader Joes which were red, white, and purple. Purple? Yes, purple. I thought nothing of it...until i actually cut into one! BRIGHT PURPLE POTATO. I screamed all alone in the kitchen. I have never seen this before. BRIGHT PURPLE POTATO=MAJOR ENHANCER TO MY DINNER!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Shane Claiborne Encounter

Last night We drove to L.A to attend a large gathering at Bel Air Presbyterian Church.
The place was packed with young adults. We were all there to hear Shane Claiborne speak.
I have been keeping track of Shane's traveling schedule for two years, waiting to be able to attend one of his meetings. It finally happened!
He is the author of "The Irresistible Revolution; living like and ordinary radical".
And he is the starter of an inner city ministry in Philly called The Simple Way. Shane is an awkward, tall and skinny, dred-lock sporting, natural weirdo. And i guess i forget the part in his book where he talks about being from the South, because i was so thrown back and horrified by his major accent! But after ten minutes, i didnt notice anymore because i was so distracted by his out-pouring of knowledge and life experience.
When i read his book two years ago, i knew i had finally found a person and a book that openly expressed and lived out the things that go around in my mind on a regular basis.
I knew that Robert and I just had to go to this, and the timing couldnt have been more perfect.
Listening to some of Shanes thoughts and ideas was so inspiring to us as we are getting ready to move into San Francisco next month. After the program was over, Shane had some time to take a handful of people into a room and just talk. So we sat with Shane for an hour...and that hour was priceless. We didnt get home until 1:00 in the morning, but we left feeling so encouraged and ready to live out the thoughts that swim around in our minds.

Here is a link to his website thesimpleway.org

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Exercise as medicine

Me and Robert...hahahahaa

This morning was very enjoyable. Robert and I had a few hours to spend time together before he went off to work. Robert made a special breakfast of scrambled eggs and coffee and we watched a movie together...."Across the Universe". Slightly magical and slightly weird, and definitely way too long. It was really sunny and a little warm outside today, which really pissed me off because its only January and i believe it should still be freezing. But i stayed in my pajamas and wrapped myself in a blanket and pretended it was colder.
Robert decided to ride his bike the whole way to work, instead of driving. A great idea! After he took off on his bike, i had a moment to sit alone and really tune in to how i felt...depressed.
Only one month until we move, but i wish it were now. Too many dumb things and current circumstances were trying to get the best of me. I knew i had to act fast to get rid of my bad mood, so i decided to work out. I did yoga for an hour. Which isnt actually very long.
But, about half way through, i started to feel really good, really positive, and really inspired.
What a wonderful thing physical exercise can be for us! Taking some time to exercise throughout the week gives us physical, mental and emotional well being. This is why Robert rides his bike regularly and why i practice yoga consistently.
My day has ended up being extremely productive and its mostly because i chose to re-charge myself through yoga.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Good bye Lame Year. Go away