Sunday, March 27, 2011

On a roll

Forest and I headed to the fabric store to pick up some new fabric for his floor pillow.
It usually sits under the huge living room window, but he seems to prefer the couch these days.
So the pillow is now recovered with some fabric that he approved, and it now sits in his reading corner of his bedroom.

We finally got some work done in Forest's room. Its pretty cute, but lately its pretty boring to look at. Its been driving me crazy. Partially because ive never fully felt like i have accomplished the look ive always been going for, due to lack of money. And partially because as he gets older, stuff gets moved around, and the placement of things have started to look odd.
No more excuses. I am able to splurge a little financially, so nothing was holding me back from achieving "the look". I ordered an awesome owl on a branch to put on his wall. And a huge rabbit to add to the squirrel and bird he already has. When the rabbit arrived, it was much larger than i had realized. But i still managed to find just the right spot. I created a little reading/art area that he is totally into. The rabbit lays next to the book basket and looks pretty cool if you ask me!
So heres a look at the new improvements. Guess i should have took a pic of the entire room...maybe next time.

Friday, March 11, 2011

morning at gymnastics

Recently, Forest began gymnastics. Every Friday we can go to "open gym", where he can use the entire gymnastics facility without having to take an actual structured class.
He takes this very seriously, and he has even been practicing at home! I have to remind him, multiple times a day, that our house is not padded like the gymnastic room. He's at such a fun age where he really enjoys different things. And im having tons of fun too!
Today, Robert was able to come with us and so i got to stand back and take some pictures of the little man in action! Enjoy.

Let go Dad!
Here i come!
Running down the trampoline runway
Diving into the sponge pit!

Mom, are you watching?!

Faster Dad!

Little twirp

No more pictures mom

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ive been lacking in topics to blog about. I know this is mostly for my relatives and friends who dont live near us, to look at pictures of Forest...but ive gotta throw other things into the mix every once in a while.

We've been busy. Busy in a great way, not in the annoying way.

Im not interested in pointless"busy". Boring "busy". Pretend "busy". Or what i like to call "goodie goodie busy". Definition: Churchy activities. Running around like a nut and justifying it because its for the benefit of others, or because it has to do with church. Not even necessarily God, but mostly just church.

Ya, that one really bugs me. Sorry, im a hater, i guess.

Im mostly interested in the "important busy". Spending my time on things that matter to me.
Somtimes this cant always happen. But mostly, if i prioritize, it can and it does happen.

In my humble opinion, we would probably learn more about God by opting out of the multiple bible studies during the week. Probably share in life with others more, if we opt out of the organized "do good" functions. Probably learn more about our children by opting out of the numerous varieties of parenting functions, in which your children are dropped off at the nursery the entire time while you are supposed to be "learning" about get my point.

I really have no conclusion to that. My point was just supposed to be that ive been busy, but in a good way.

And so here are some pictures of what the boy has been up to lately. I just organized my pictures from my camera recently, and i have no idea how to find them i dont have many to share this time!

First snow at an old enough age to enjoy it!

Loving it!

Hates walking in it! And there was still so much more
falling throughout the day!

Inside the old truck at the exploritorium!
(his new pose for the camera)

Saying hi to the fish

Observing the fish

The huge deck at the explortorium
on his way to visit with the animals
(he wishes it were ours)

Spent many days very sick. (as you can see, i was going crazy)

And recovered!

He's also been preparing himself for his future baby brother.
We have a drawer in his bedroom dresser that is filled with his old baby clothes, shoes, blankets, etc. He likes to open it up and take a look, and we talk about how its being saved for when his baby brother arrives. He takes it pretty seriously so far. haha.