Monday, February 13, 2012

"Parenting means sacrifice. It seems that every couple of years some one comes out with a psychological or sociological study showing that parents have higher levels of anxiety and depression than those without children. I dont dispute those studies at all. The question, though, is, why is there such anxiety, such sadness, in the lives of parents?
I hope i dont succumb to the sin of anxiety or lack of trust in God. But i do worry about my sons.
I hope for the best for them. I felt conviction of sin when i snapped at someone, but i never felt the depression that comes with realizing that ive snapped at one of my sons. I feel sorry for a young man whos been rejected by the woman he thought was meant to be his wife, but ive never cried about it. I can imagine myself weeping behind closed doors, though, if it ever happened to my son.
Ive always loathed child molesters and raged against the way the courts and churches so often coddle them. But ive never had my blood pressure accelerate the way it does when a socially awkward, creepily friendly man kneels to talk to my kids.
Having a baby yanks one into a while new world of responsibility for shaping a life, a family, a future."

Russel Moore Adopted for Life

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